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Timothy’s K Cups

Timothy’s K Cups – If you have every had the opportunity to be around coffee that is being roasted,¬† then you understand that the coffee roasting process is and art as well as a science. Apparently the roasters of Timothy’s K Cups coffee understand the roasting process very well, as I have lately had the privilege , of trying a few different KCups from Timothy’s Coffee and I was very impressed.

Timothy’s Coffees of the World Inc. was was founded in 1975 in Toronto Ontario Canada, and today operates close to one hundred cafes across Canada. Over the last few years Timothy’s Coffee has begun to produce K-Cups for the Keurig K Cup coffee maker, and are making waves in the coffee industry. Timothy’s Coffee roasters only use the top five percent of specialty grade Arabica¬† beans from around the world, and it is evident in the way the coffee tastes. You will discover that, the care in which these beans are selected, is produces a K Cup coffee that keeps you coming back for more.

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Timothy’s Coffee offer over twenty different K Cups coffee variety’s with various different roast profiles. Each coffee is roasted perfectly with various different roast profiles to enhance the flavor of each coffee varietal. The roast profiles range from mild, medium, dark, and extra bold, ensuring that there is a coffee that is sure to please your palate.

If you are a dark roast coffee lover I would recommend trying the San Lorenzo Dark . This coffee is hand picked from the San Lorenzo coffee growing regions of Colombia. It is then roasted to a very dark roast level, creating a bold intense flavor with a silky finish, that dark roast lovers crave.

Another coffee I would recommend for those early mornings is the Timothy’s K Cups Breakfast Blend. This is a mild roasted coffee blend from the countries of Cota Rica and Guatemala. The Guatemalans smoky flavor is blended with the intense sweet taste, and wonderful aromatics of the Costa Rican bean, making this the perfect morning cup of coffee to start your day.

Timothy’s K Cups Come In A Wide Variety

So whether you are a dark roast lover or enjoy the sweetness of a light roasted coffee, Timothy’s K Cups coffee offer a wide variety to choose from. Next time you are in the mood to try a new coffee in your K Cup coffee maker, give Timothy’s K Cups coffee a try, you wont be disappointed! Also if you are interested in saving some money be sure to shop online for discount Timothy’s K Cups available by the case.

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