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The Benefits Of The Reusable K Cup

If you are a proud owner of a Keurig K Cup Coffee machine then you might consider purchasing the reusable K Cup. The reusable filter, also known as the My K-Cup, is a reusable filter assembly that allows you to brew your own freshly ground coffee in your Keurig single cup coffee brewer.

This wonderful addition to the family of K Cup accessories will make you appreciate your Keurig brewer even more. If you have ever desired to be able to brew your favorite coffee in your brewer, the engineers at Keurig have now made your wishes a reality.

The My K Cup consists of three basic parts, the filter, stem, and cap. To use the reusable filter you will need about 12 grams of fresh coffee ground to a fine consistency. Pour the ground coffee into the filter and secure the MKF2lid. You are now ready to insert the reusable filter into your brewer just like you would an ordinary K Cup coffee. Press the brew button and less than a minute later your are enjoying an extrodinary cup of coffee.

There are several variables that you are now able to control during the coffee brewing process using this type filter system.  One variable you are now able to control is the ability to adjust the brew strength of the coffee by how many grams of coffee. By adjusting the grams of coffee used you are able to change the brew strength of the coffee to achieve your desired taste. Another variable that you control is the consistency of the grind. You will find by making the grind coarser of finer you can adjust the rate of how fast the coffee brews. This allow you to fine tune your brew time to produce a Superior cup of coffee.

You will also find that the reusable filter is cost effective and can be purchased for as little as $14.95. The My K-Cup Keurig Resuable Filter includes the filter assembly as well as one filter. If you would like to purchase additional filters you can buy them for around $9.95 each. Also the cost of brewing a cup of Joe with your own coffee using the reusable filter can be less expensive than purchasing manufactured K Cups.

As you can see there are many benefits of owning the reusable K Cup. From saving money to enhancing the taste of your morning cup of coffee the My K Cup reusable coffee  filter is for you!

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