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How Does A K CUP Coffee Maker Work

If you have found this website you are obviously interested in the K Cup Coffee Maker experience. You might be asking your self what makes this coffee brewing method any different than all the other brewing methods. Do you love coffee but get tired of the mess? Frustrated with dirty coffee filters? Want  to maintain a quality cup of coffee without the hassle? A K Cup coffee maker might be for you. The technology surrounding this brewer is simply amazing. So grab a cup of coffee and read on to find out what the fuss is all about.


K Cup Coffee Maker Technology

First lets explain the actual make up of the K cup and what makes it unique. The K cup is a plastic container that is more complex than it actually looks at first glance.  In side the plastic cup is first placed a oxygen, light, and humidity barrier that wraps the inner side wall of the cup.

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This barrier plays an important role in maintaining the freshness of the coffee. Next a sophisticated coffee filter is placed inside of the barrieHow a K Cup worksr. This filter helps control the water pressure and ensures ideal extraction time.    Now the premeasured freshly ground coffee is placed and packed tightly into the filter. The plastic cup is then sealed with an airtight foil lid that locks in the freshness and taste of the coffee. This patented technology can maintain the coffee freshness and ensure a quality cup for more than six months.

K Cup Coffee Makers

The brewers that are made for the K Cup Coffee system are manufactured by Keurig.  Keurigs patented brewing system is designed to brew one cup at a time. This eliminates waste and allows you to diversify your coffee selections on the fly.  If your spouse or friend  would like to drink a Sumatra mahndeling and you want to drink a Colombian supremo? No problem. With this technology the options are many and there is no waste.

A Keurig K Cup coffee maker is specially designed with a reservoir that you fill with fresh water. Once your reservoir is full you place a K Cup Coffee of your choice into the machine. Then you press the handle down and two needles puncture the plastic K Cup, one puncture is at the top an one at the bottom of the cup. Now  place your coffee cup under the brew spout and press the brew button. This system then delivers the exact amount of pressurized water at the perfect temperature and the brew process begins. Need more control? Some models feature an adjustable temperature control as well as different brew strength selections. Whatever K Cup coffee maker model you choose, you will experience an aroma filled, perfectly blended cup of coffee, that maximizes the coffees flavor and is ready to enjoy in under a minute.

For you serious coffee drinkers who understand the importance of coffee freshness, water temperature, and extraction time. Or for those who just want a convenient and consistent cup of coffee. Then the K Cup Coffee Maker is the right solution for you!

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