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Enjoying Your Hot Chocolate K Cups

One of the most decedent equally enjoyed hot drinks besides K Cup coffee is hot chocolate K Cups. Keeping a supply of hot chocolate K Cups on hand is a great idea not only for those who are not coffee drinkers, but for those cold wintry days when only hot cocoa will hit the spot.

Chocolate Varieties

Choosing the best hot chocolate k cups will entirely depend on the type of chocolate you prefer. If you are not a dark chocolate lover, than taking a gamble and trying out the white hot chocolate k cups may satisfy your Hot Chocolate K Cupschocolate craving without the chalky taste dark chocolate seems to possess. White chocolate has a totally different flavor than regular cocoa and has quite a bit more sugar than cocoa.

Browse Our Hot Chocolate K Cups

If you are watching your caloric intake or if you just cannot have sugar at all, than the sugar free hot chocolate K Cups need to be on your shopping list. These K-Cups are full of chocolate flavor without loads of sugar other cocoas normally contain.

Green Mountain

Green Mountain K Cups hot chocolate come packaged with complete nutritional facts and all ingredients. A single k cup contains only 60 calories and 3.5 grams of fat with approximately 5 milligrams of caffeine.  The Green Mountain Coffee Roasters have spent over two year’s taste testing and perfecting their cocoa kcup. This is one cocoa worth trying and has been rated high by those who have tried it.

Gloria Jean’s

Although known for their excellent coffees, Gloria Jeans hot chocolate K Cups are top notch as well. This cocoa is rich and creamy and is just what you would expect of any hot cocoa.

Timothy’s World Coffee

If you have never experienced the wonderful flavors that Timothy’s White Hot Chocolate K Cups hold, then you are missing out on one of the more delicious hot drinks available on the market. The attribute of white chocolate is defiantly sweeter than the regular chocolate flavor, but possess an addicting aspect that is hard to resist. This chocolate is a great alternative to milk chocolate or dark chocolate cocoa.


Owned by Tullys, Bellaccino Gourmet Hot Chocolate K Cups in times past were so popular that they were constantly out of stock and they were unable to keep up with how many were being sold. The Bellacnio hot chocolate k cups are now discontinued but have been replaced with a better product called “Café Escapes.” Tully’s Café Escapes Hot Cocoa K Cups come in three different flavors; Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and the New Tully’s Mocha K-Cup. Tully’s promises that this product is far more superb than the prior cocoa product and the reviews on these products prove they taste great.


For those of you who crave Ghirardelli chocolate, unfortunately there are no k cups available with this product to this date. However you can still use your Keurig Coffee Maker and enjoy a cup of Ghirardelli hot chocolate. Simply pour a packet of the cocoa mix into your cup and press the brew button to dispense the water thru the machine, stir and enjoy.

Tips For Brewing Hot Chocolate K Cups

To be fair, some consumers were not very impressed with the new product likening it to the paper packets of hot chocolate available at the grocery store. However, most were thrilled and have written glowing reviews of the product on websites that sell K cup hot chocolate. Several tips for making hot cocoa with the single cup brewer can be gleaned from reading the reviews:

1. Shake the K cup before putting it into the system.

2. After brewing is complete, open the cup to remove any remaining hot cocoa mix and stir it into the cup.

3. Run a brewing cycle, with no K cup, after making hot chocolate to make sure that no lingering chocolate residue is left behind.

There also a few serving suggestions shared. One of the more popular is to brew a large mug of the hot cocoa and then follow up by brewing a k cup of a favorite coffee variety into the same mug to make a gourmet-tasting mocha without paying the gourmet coffee shop prices. Other suggestions include mixing in a bit of cream to make a creamier treat. Of course, there’s always the option of adding marshmallows, whipped cream, or using a candy stick to stir.

Remember that the cold weather and those fall or winter days are meant to be enjoyed and what better way than with a hot cocoa drink. Your K Cup brewer is there to serve you a quality drink each time with convenience and virtually no mess what so ever. Take time and share hot chocolate K Cups with a friend or family member during this chilly season and you will be glad you did.

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