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Tasty New Seasonal Green Mountain Coffee K Cups

As the days begin to shorten and become colder, the desire for a hot cup of gourmet coffee becomes the choice beverage. Preparing a hot cup of coffee with the Keurig K Cup Coffee Brewer is easy, fun, and convenient. If you are not already familiar with The Green Mountain Coffee Roasting Company, then it is time that you got to know them. Not only are they the largest manufacture of the small portion K Cups, they produce quality K Cup products.

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There are some coffee drinks that can be enjoyed though out the entire year, and then there are those that are enjoyed more during certain seasons. The coffee that is perfect for the Fall is the Fair
Trade Pumpkin Spice K Cup. Having the highest consumer rating out of all the seasonal coffees, this coffee is the prime flavor during the fall season. The taste of freshly baked pumpkin pie along with a creamy coffee body taste has Green Mountain Coffee Roasters customers begging for more.

Once you are in the searching process for the newest and best K Cups and you cannot decide on the one you would like to purchase, then you are the perfect candidate for the Limited Edition Seasonal K Cup Coffee variety pack. Included in this variety box are coffees for every season. Here is what you will receive in this box of K Cups:


The choice coffee for Winter is the Gold French Toast K Cup Coffee. Containing the exact amount of flavor needed to excite your taste buds, this coffee tastes like maple, butter, and toast with a slight touch of cinnamon. For all of you whole love French Toast but cannot afford the calories, then you can curb your cravings in a single cup of this coffee.


Coconut Coffee K Cups are the ultimate Spring Time Favorite. Selling out just as soon as it becomes available, this K Cup is hard to get. Transporting you to the Island Tropics without having to step a foot out your own home, this coffee tastes even better than it smells! Delightfully fragrant, the blended flavors of freshly grated coconut, mixed with a subtle sweetness of a lightly roasted Central American Coffee, you will thoroughly enjoy this Spring Time coffee.


The newest K Cup Coffee from the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is the limited edition Fair Trade The Perfect Peach K Cup. Bursting forth with juicy fresh peach flavor, you are going to enjoy this coffee on a hot day over a cup of ice. Although this coffee has no added sugars or sweeteners, you will find that you will be shocked at how wonderfully sweet this coffee tastes.


We see them everywhere, those bright orange pumpkins brightly displayed at your local store, on the front porch of almost every home in the neighborhood, and just about anywhere else. Pumpkin flavor is the preferred official taste of the Fall Season. The Fair Trade Pumpkin Spice K Cup brings you the experience of a freshly baked pumpkin pie that will envelope you with radiant warm spicy notes topped off with a creamy body. Some customers add whip cream or ice cream to make a lovely Holiday dessert!


Christmas has many different flavors, but none can compare to the flavor of Eggnog. The Fair Trade Spicy Eggnog K Cup is full of rich cinnamon and nutmeg flavors. Being one of the most sought after Christmas Holiday K Cup Coffees, you better purchase yours now before they are sold out!

Get ready for the Holiday Season and begin purchasing Green Mountain Coffee K Cups for your family get together, parties, or cold snowy nights when you really want a great tasting cup of hot coffee. Green Mountain also offers a discount program called “ Cafe Express” where you will save up to $2.50 per box of K Cups. Sign up today and begin receiving the best tasting K Cup Coffees at K Cups best price.

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