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A Coffee Lover’s Guide To Decaf K Cups

If you are looking for decaf k cups online, here is a complied list containing the k cup manufactures along with the decaf k cup coffees they carry and their descriptions. This list is intended to help educate you as you begin your search to find the perfect K Cups decaf that are available for your drinking pleasure.

Green Mountain Coffee

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters currently offers eight decaf k cup coffees. The Breakfast Blend Decaf K Cup is considered to be the most popular decaf k cup. This coffee is classic, lively, and vibrant. Otherwise known as the New England breakfast cup, this coffee is crisp and citrusy consisting of a Central American coffee paired with a sweet body of an Indonesian bean. Other Green Mountain decaf k cups they offer are: Half Caff K Cup, French Vanilla Decaf K Cup, Vermont Country Decaf K Cup, Dark Magic Extra Bold Decaf K Cup, Hazelnut Decaf K Cup, Donut House Decaf K Cup, and the French Roast Decaf K Cup.

Gloria Jean’s

Gloria Jeans has two decaf k cups available for purchase. The Gloria Jeans Decaf K Cup Special Blend is considered to be well balanced with a medium body flavor. If you prefer a flavored decaf, the Hazelnut K Cup tastes of hazelnut and a touch of cinnamon. Give the Gloria Jeans decaf K Cups a try you will not be disappointed.

Diedrich Coffee Roasters

Diedrich Coffee Roasters has only one K Cup decaf coffee to choose from. This decaf k cup coffee from the country of Colombia, is roasted at a medium level and tastes sweet with a soft acidity, leaving a caramel taste lingering on your tongue.

Timothy’s Coffee

Timothy’s Coffee contains four decaffeinated k cups posted on their website online. Decaf Rainforest Espresso Extra Bold is a guilt free coffee being that it is Rainforest Certified and is considered to be the best tasting decaf k cup. Other Timothy’s decaf K Cups available are: Decaf Colombian Dark Roast, Decaf Colombian Medium Roast, and Decaf French Vanilla.

Van Houtte Coffee

If you are a Van Houtte Coffee fan, you will be pleased to know that they have six decaf k cups to choose from. For the green organic purchaser, the Swiss Water Decaffeinated Fair Trade Organic K Cup might be the perfect purchase for you. Other Van Houtte decaf coffees are: Extra Bold Decaf Dark, Extra Bold Decaf Medium, Decaf Dark, Decaf Medium, and Decaf French Vanilla.

Coffee People’s

Coffee People’s only decaffeinated k cup is the French Roast Blend. Once again, the Coffee People have brought back this particular k cup for sale due to popular demand. Roasted at the darkest level, this coffee is specially roasted for all you french roast lovers.

Tully’s Coffee

Tully’s Coffee has two decaf k cups available online to choose from, the most popular k cup being the French Roast Decaf K Cup. This French Roast is filled with all the flavor you would expect from a French Roasted Coffee as well as the powerful flavor and smoky notes that you will experience with each taste. For a more traditional tasting coffee, the House Blend Decaf K Cup is roasted at a medium level and is smooth with a buttery and bitter chocolate taste.

Newman’s Own

Newman’s Own Special Decaf Organics is the only decaf k cup this manufacture has to choose from. This organic grown coffee is roasted at a medium level possessing a bold taste with the full body flavor you would expect without all the caffeine.

Caribou Coffee

New on the market is the Caribou Blend Decaf K Cup. Processed without using a chemical to extract the caffeine from the bean, Caribou decaf K Cups is their signature blend. The syrup taste and full body you experience you will receive from this coffee will bring you delight, day or night.

Emeril’s Coffee

Emeril’s Jazzed Up is their one and only decaf k cup coffee available. Jazzed Up is 100% Rainforest Certified roasted by using a convection roaster that evenly roasts each bean on a bed of hot air allowing a more consistent taste. This k cups decaf coffee will never leave you with a bitter or sour taste, from start to finish.

If you have a favorite decaf  K Cups that you would like us to add to this list please leave us a comment and we will add it. Thank you

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