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The Wonder Of The Breville K Cup Coffee Machine

If you happen to be looking for a new K Cup coffee brewer look no further than the Breville K Cup Coffee Machine. This exceptional coffee brewer is the result of a combined effort from two of the leading companies in their respective industries. Breville known for designing and producing small appliances and Keurig known for their innovative coffee brewing technology. This partnership has produced a innovative coffee brewer that has forever changed the coffee brewing industry.

This Breville BKC600XL single K Cup coffee machine has a very sleek and enhanced designed that you sure to love. From the stainless steel design to the programmable LCD touch screen this brewer is a coffee lover dream. Lets take at some of the features of this machine and what sets it apart from other coffee brewers in its class.

Stainless Steel Design
The Breville’s stainless steel and chrome design give this brewer a high end commercial appearance and is an asset to any kitchen. Not only is it pleasant to look at it is easy to maintain and keep clean.

Built In Water Reservoir
BKThe large 60oz. water tank allows you to brew up to 10 cups of coffee before having to refill the reservoir. This water tank also includes a water filtration system that will improve the smell and taste of your water thus improving the quality of your cup of coffee. You will also save money by not having to purchase filtered water to fill your reservoir, allowing you to achieve the same quality of water with out the additional expense. Another benefit of this water reservoir tank is that maintains the water at the optimum brewing temperature and delivers the exact amount of water each and every time producing a superior cup of coffee.

LCD Control Panel
This is our favorite feature of this machine since it allows you to control the variables needed to produce a quality cup coffee. To make a great cup of coffee it is pertinent to be able to control the brew temp and volume of water, and now this is finally attainable. With the programmable LCD control panel you are able to control the brew temp, four different brew strength sizes(or volume of water), as well as a auto on-off feature. All of these features are available at your finger tips with the touch of a button.

Brew Head
A patented brew head delivers water evenly through the plastic K Cup saturating the grounds uniformly thus creating a more balanced brew.

Another great feature of the Breville K Cup coffee maker is you are able to store your K Cup coffee accessories such as the My K Cup in a compartment on top of the brewer. This keeps your counter tops clutter free and keeps your kitchen looking good.

As you can see this coffee brewer by Breville is loaded with many unique options that are not available with your ordinary K-Cup coffee brewers. You find that upon purchasing this Breville K Cup coffee machine you will be introduced to a whole new coffee experience. So what are you waiting for order yours online today!

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