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Looking For The Best Decaf K Cup?

If you have recently found it necessary to switch to decaf coffee due to medical or personal reasons then you realize that looking for the best Decaf K Cup can often times be overwhelming. The are so many options available on the market today, that sorting through all the different brands and choosing the perfect decaf coffee can be expensive as well as time consuming. If you find yourself  relating to  this decaf K Cup deli ma then let us suggest a few tips that can help you in the decision making process.

Common Mistakes

One of the most common mistakes that coffee drinkers make is that they never take the time to determine their coffee likes and dislikes. A lot of people are resolved to the idea that coffee taste bitter and end up adding lots of creamer and sugar to combat the bitter taste. But if you will take the time try different roast profiles and origins you will be amazed at the realization that coffee can actually taste good. You might even learn to enjoy coffee without all of the added fluff you have come accustomed to pouring into your morning cup of Joe.

Roast Profiles

What do we mean by coffee roast profile? To keep things simple the roast profile is the degree of roast or roast color. When coffee undergoes the roasting process the roast master controls the temperature, how long, and how dark, a particular coffee will be roasted. This greatly impacts the way the coffee will taste in your cup. The are varying degrees of the roast profiles and it would take hours to discuss this very complex subject. So to keep things simple the K Cup Coffee roasting companies are offering four basic roast profiles, Light, Medium, Dark, and Extra Bold. Every coffee drinker is different and determining which roast profile you prefer will go a long ways in helping you consistently choose the best decaf K Cup.

Coffee Orgins

Another aspect of coffee that people often overlook is the coffees origin. If you are serious about understanding your coffee likes and dislikes, then you need to know what coffees origins you prefer. You might like the earthy taste of a Sumatra, the chocolate notes of a Guatemala, or the berry acidity of a Ethiopian Sidamo. The sooner you discover what prefer the more enjoyable your coffee experience will be.

Decaf K Cup Sampler

One way that we have found to speed up the decaf K Cups selection process is to order a decaf sampler. There are many companies out there offering a K Cup decaf sampler making finding decaf you like much easier.  Generally the samplers contain an assortment of four different coffees to choose from allowing you to try out multiple coffees. Great is currently offering sampler that contains six each of the following: Breakfast blend decaf, dark roasted french roast decaf, vermont country blend, and Newmans Own decaf .

Hopefully you have found these tips have been useful and they will help guide you to finding the best Decaf K Cup coffee! Be sure to browse our site further for the K Cups best price.

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