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Tully’s K Cups And The Great Northwest

There is a lot to be said about the Northwestern corner of America, and most often talked about is the coffee. The Seattle area has been known to be the birthing city of many great coffee shops, coffee roasters and coffee stuff in general. One Seattle based company named Tully’s Coffee and Tea began here in 1992. The Tully’s K Cups are well known for the robust flavor and quality you would expect from a company rooted in this “coffee city”.

More recently, Tully’s K-Cups wholesale operations were bought out by the leading Green Mountain Coffee Roasters at the beginning of the year for $40.3 million dollars. Tullys K CupsGreen Mountain has continued to produce the k cup with the Tully’s name on the packaging. Not only has this been another great investment for the Green Mountain Roasting company, but they are moving their roasting operations to a new location in Sumner, Washington in December of 2009.

There are approximately eleven coffees to select from when choosing your favorite Tully’s coffee k cup. New on the market is the Full City Roast Coffee Extra Bold. This Extra Bold label is to let you know that it is packed with 20% extra coffee grounds than the normal k-cup coffee. Packing the cup with extra coffee allows you to experience an intense increase of flavor along with a smooth buy spicy aftertaste with each cup brewed. This new roast has already received great reviews online for the quality and taste this coffee has to offer.
For the decaf coffee drinker, this company makes only two decaf coffees for purchase. If you prefer a French roast, this decaf k cup coffee has dark attributes paired with smoky and caramel flavors. Tully’s French Roast K Cups are great tasting and extremely satisfying. The House Blend Decaf is everything you would hope to taste from a leading house blend of coffee, smooth and delicious.

Tully’s Kona Blend offers you the smooth, full bodied and mellow character that you would expect from this great Island of Hawaii. The Tully’s Kona K Cups will satisfy even the pickiest coffee drinker. The Kona Coffee is the one and only green coffee the United States of America grows. Grown at a high elevation of 1500-2000 feet, located on a island in the Pacific Ocean, this tropical coffee bean is unlike any other in the world.

Finding the best Tully’s K Cups is really easy since there are not too many k cup coffees to choose from. There is no doubt, once you have tried one of these delicious tasting coffees produced by the leading  manufacturing companies, you will keep coming back for more. Please continue to browse the rest of our site for the K Cups best price.

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