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For Those On The Go Try The Travel Mug K Cups

If you are a K Cup coffee drinker that is constantly filling your Travel Mug and bolting out the door for work then you might want to listen up. Just last month Green Mountain released a new line of K Cups that is geared toward the coffee lover that is on the go. Let me introduce the Travel Mug K Cups!

Being a coffee addicts and a regular drinkers of K Cup coffee there has just been one complaint that I  have had with the quality of coffee from this wonderful brewing system. When brewing a cup of coffee on the largest brew volume setting into a large coffee cup or travel mug the coffee just does not taste strong enough for me. Now maybe its just because I like strong coffee but I have also received emails from a lot of our readers that have shared the same experience. What I usually recommend to those who are wanting a stronger brew is to brew two K cups with the smallest brew volume setting into a larger cup. This makes for a stronger cup of Joe but the downside is it also costs twice as much. Well Green Mountain must of received a few of these complaints as well because the have now addressed this issue with the release of the Travel Mug K Cups.

You might be asking what makes this line of K-Cups different from the others?  Well its simple; the experts at Green mountain have found a way to pack more coffee into each K-Cup thus resulting tastier, richer, stronger brew that can stand up to even the largest 11.25 ounce brew volume size selection and not taste watered down. For those coffee drinker that likes a really really strong cup of coffee try one of these K Cups on the smallest brew volume size and you will be amazed at the results.

Currently Green Mountain first run of  the Travel Mug K Cup in three varieties the Green Mountain Coffee Breakfast Blend, Green Mountain Coffee French Roast, and the Green Mountain Donut House Extra Bold. To give you some insight of the differences which variety to choose we have listed our cupping notes of these coffees below.

Breakfast Blend Travel Mug K-Cup

I found this coffee to be and well-balanced and worthy of a second cup. The aroma had very distinct citrus notes and the first sip was delightful. Sweet, with hints of nuts this coffee has medium acidity no bitterness and is best when drank black. Because this coffee is so sweet and mild if you use cream you will find that it looses all of its flavor.

French Roast Travel Mug K-Cup

For those who enjoy a bold cup this coffee is for you. This coffee is loaded with those intense deep roast notes that dark roast lovers enjoy. I experience dark chocolate notes followed by an lingering smokiness that is enjoyable. This coffee is sure to linger on your palate for hours and make you long for more.

Donut House Travel Mug K-Cup

Of the three coffees this was my favorite. I would describe as a medium roast, with a nice body that is bold but not bitter in any way. Nothing fruity or too exciting about this coffee just a great tasting no nonsense coffee that I really enjoyed.

Hopefully this has giving you a better understanding of what to expect from these Travel Mug K Cup coffees and that it will help you in your decision making process. If you would like us to review a particular K Cup feel free to send us an email ( and we will try to accommodate your requests. Also please browse our site for the K Cups best price. Thanks for visiting and be sure to enjoy that next brew of K Cup coffee!

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