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Why Not Give Timothy K Cups A Try

There is much to be desired if you are among the coffee drinking generation, and that is taste and quality of the coffee you are partaking of. Timothy’s Coffee of the World K Cups are one of our favorites and you will be amazed when it comes to the quality of coffee your will receive from Timothy K Cups.

When choosing which coffee is best, knowing the difference between the roast levels of each coffee will determine your taste preference. The roast levels available for Timothy’s K Cups are: mild, medium, dark, extra bold. They also offer decaffeinated, and flavored coffees.

Most coffee drinkers assume that the darker the roast level the higher caffeine amount within the coffee beans. This is a myth started somewhere throughout history and has lead many to believe that a dark roasted coffee has a higher amount of caffeine content where as a light or mild roast has virtually none. The truth is that the coffee bean roasted at a mild level contains a higher content of caffeine than a darker roast.

Another factor that roast levels portray is the fact of flavor qualities from mild, medium, dark and extra bold coffee roasts. For example Timothy’s mild roasted blend coffees are described as subtle, smooth, and uncomplicated. The Extra Bold coffees from Timothy’s are described as powerful, tangy, rich and hearty. These extra bold coffee descriptions can give you a vivid picture of the flavors that can be tasted at the specified roast level.

The best Timothy K Cups are really determined by the roast level your taste buds like. Once you have decided the roast level your palate prefers, then sampling coffees from that specific roast level from Timothy K Cup Coffee will be easier than ever. You can count on Timothy’s  to deliver the best tasting quality product available for your Keurig K Cup Coffee Maker.

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