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The First K Cup Coffee Review

The options for K Cup Coffee seem to be growing more and more every month, so we decided to conduct our first K Cup Coffee review. Now there are so many  manufactures and blends available you are sure to find one that suites your palate. To make things easier I have listed several of my favorite K Cup blends and conducted K Cup reviews to help you decide which is the right coffee for you.

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Coffee People K Cup Coffee Review

One of the newest manufactures of the K Cup is a company located in Eugene Oregon called Coffee People. Having grew up in the northwest I am very familiar with the Coffee People brand as it is wide spread through out Oregon. Having experienced their coffee before made the decision easier to try their k cups out. I was definitely impressed while conducting this K Cup coffee review and would recommend their coffee to anyone. Here are a couple of my favorite coffees from the Coffee People.

Black Tiger- Black tiger is a full bodied coffee, roasted on the dark side. Lots of earth tones in this coffee, which I am a big fan of. This coffee definitely had a caffeine kick to it. I also found it on the web listed at $12.95 for a 24 count box making this coffee affordable. What a great morning coffee! Try it out today.

Donut Shop- This coffee is advertised as a morning coffee but I could drink it all day long. It is a medium roasted blend, that is a sweet tasting, full bodied coffee. I did not get the caffeine kick from this coffee like I did with the Black Tiger, but nevertheless I enjoyed it even more. I tend to be partial to coffees that are sweet and pleasant to drink throughout the day. If that is what you are looking for then this coffee is for you.

Caribou K Cup Coffee Review

Caribou Coffee was founded in 1992 in Minneapolis Minnesota.  Today this the second largest company owned coffee franchise, with over 500 locations in 16 states as well as a few locations outside of the United States. When Caribou Coffee came out with their k cup coffee line I figured I had to try  some coming from one of the leaders in the coffee industry today.

Colombia- Once I took my first sip of this coffee I was hooked! In the Colombia state of Huila nestled in the southern region is the town called Timana. Timana is know for its wonderful coffees and this coffee roasted by Caribou is no different. From the first drip brewed you could smell a delicate floral aroma that permeated the air. Upon tasting this medium bodied coffee you could taste sweet caramel notes followed by smooth roasted nuts. Truly one of my favorites to say the least.

I will be continuing my K Cup coffee reviews of different blends of K Cup coffee . I hope you look forward to trying these coffees out as much as I do. Until our next K Cup coffee review enjoy drinking these splendid coffees.

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