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The Wonder Of Tea K Cups

The tea industry is beginning to see a surge in sales with more consumers interested in the health and diet benefits that the tea k cups have to offer. Perhaps you are a K Cup Coffee Maker owner and you too are just beginning to learn more about using tea k cups in your brewer. Here are a few ideas for making your self an excellent cup of tea while using the tea k cups.

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Tea K Cup Operation

You may be concerned about using the tea k cup in your K Cup Coffee Brewer and producing negative results. There are a few brewing tips that can maximize your tea drinking pleasure. One of the first details you will need to Tea K Cupsdetermine is whether or not your machine is “tea ready”. Being “tea ready” means that your machine is clean and free from coffee or hot cocoa debris left over from previous drinks that were made. Taking a sip of tea that may have coffee or hot cocoa residue or any other drink for that matter, will have negative affects in the quality of your drink. By cleaning the prongs that puncture the K Cup before you begin brewing, your drink will be more satisfactory. The next concern is the water temperature. Different types of teas require different brewing temperatures to accelerate the teas flavors when brewing. Brewing a tea that requires a hotter temperature on the lowest setting of your machine will produce a poor tasting drink. Make sure you have the right temperature setting for the type of tea you are serving. The last item to be conscious of is the brew time. Tea almost always requires a longer brewing or steeping time that it would take to brew a cup of coffee. Choosing the longer brew time will produce better results if you are having any tea k cups variety.

Tea K Cup Flavors

There are literally so many tea k cups to choose from that you may have a difficult time deciding which one you would like to drink. If you love Chai, the Chai tea k cups come in a few different flavors. The Chai green tea k cups are very popular and are available in decaf as well. Choosing from a huge assortment of green tea k cups and decaf green tea k cups, these herbal teas have many health benefits. The oolong tea k cups and white tea k cups are a preferred choice when using your K Cup Coffee Maker because they do not require to be steeped as long as the black tea k cups or English breakfast tea k cups. There are so many other flavors you have the option to choose from, discovering the one that best fits your taste requirements may take some taste testing to reveal the one you prefer.

Manufactures of the Tea K Cup

Most coffee k cup makers are diving into the manufacturing of tea k cups as well since this market commodity is increasingly growing. Some of the larger older tea companies are taking part and creating their own tea k cups so that they too can take advantage of this profitable money making item. The Celestial Seasonings tea k cups are available in an assortment of quality tea k cups and are in the process of creating more tea k cups for your drinking pleasure. Since 1706, the Twinings Tea Company of London has been at the forefront of the finest teas production. Twinings tea k cups are at best a completely quality product such as the Twinings Earl Grey tea k cups and Twinings English Breakfast tea k cups just to name a few. Finding the brand and tea you prefer when using your K Cup Coffee Maker will bring you a great k cup tea drinking experience.

Our Favorite Tea K Cups

I have discovered a new Tea K Cup for my evening brew, the Peppermint Tea K Cups by Timothy’s Coffee’s of the World Inc. If you have been searching for a great tea to brew from your Keurig K Cup Coffee Brewer, than let us be the first to let you know about this awesome tea.

Peppermint, most commonly referred to as Mint Tea, has been proven to have many health benefits as well as the many herbal attributes found in this tea. This Tea  is mostly made up of black, green or oolong tea mixed with peppermint (Mentha Piperita) or a Tisane (infusion) of pure peppermint. Many mint teas are a blend of various teas with flavors of peppermint. The menthol within the peppermint leaves has been said to ease stomach problems, headaches, bad breath, the common cold and many other health issues.

Timothy’s Peppermint tea is over the top when it comes to the quality. The aromatic effect is not too over powering, but leaves a clean fresh lingering scent after the brewing process. Some peppermint or mint teas that we have experienced in the past have never possessed the balance that this tea has to offer by. Unlike many other Peppermint teas, Timothy’s Peppermint tea is not too weak or overbearing with mint flavor.  Made with the Keurig K Cup Coffee Maker, this tea is brewed to perfection. From the first sip to the last, this Tea had a very smooth body during the entire experience.

Loose Leaf Tea and the “My K Cup”

If you prefer to purchase your tea loose leaf style in bulk, the “My K Cup” is a great option to use when making a cup of tea with your K Cup Maker. The “My K Cup” is a reusable k cup that allows you to insert your preferred tea of choice into the device, eliminating the need to purchase the individual k cups. Not only is this a great item to allow you to use your own product, it is a great way to save some money on the product you are consuming. For as little as $15, you can purchase this creatively designed reusable K Cup at many online retailers.

Take advantage of the options you will achieve with the use of the K Cup Brewer, they truly are limitless. By applying these few tips, ideas and suggestions, you too can sit back, relax and begin enjoying your pleasant tea K Cups as well.

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