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The My K Cup Reusable Filter Offers a New Way to Enjoy K Cup Coffee

MKFFor consumers who already enjoy the convenience and excellent quality of coffee from a Keurig K Cup coffee maker but want a greater variety of coffee choices, the Keurig My K Cup Reusable Coffee Filter offers a delicious solution. Designed to brew one perfect cup of coffee, the My K Cup filter allows coffee lovers to use their own gourmet coffee in the K Cup coffee machine, opening up a whole array of new coffee choices and selections. Additionally, environmentally-conscious consumers will be pleased with this product; the filter produces less waste than the disposable plastic containers. Last, but not least, the My K Cup allows the use of less expensive coffee choices, a definite advantage for many consumers in the current economy.

Gourmet coffee fanatics have long known the quality and taste provided by the traditional K Cup brewing system. For those who have a special favorite not currently included in the K Cup collection of coffees, the My K Cups is able to provide a means for satisfying that coffee urge while still using this exclusive coffee maker. Because consumers control the grind, amount, and type of coffee, the filter system provides a truly customized cup of coffee to suit every taste and preference. No matter what roast, flavor, or grind the user wishes, the My K Cup filter delivers it up hot and fresh every time.

The My K Cup filter is a truly green solution to the coffee making conundrum. By using this convenient filter system rather than the disposable plastic K-cups, consumers can protect the environment. Additionally, since the filter eliminates the need for messy paper filters, the only waste produced is biodegradable coffee grounds. The filter is completely reusable and washes clean under running water, so it’s immediately ready to brew the next delicious cup.

By using their own fresh-ground coffee, coffee lovers can produce a delicious cup of coffee in their Keurig coffee maker without the expense of purchasing the individual K-cup products. This can represent a significant savings, especially for those who drink several cups of coffee per day. The My K Cup coffee filter can even brew loose tea; this makes it a versatile choice as well as an economical one.

For those who already own a Keurig K Cup coffee machine, the reusable K Cup filter basket adds utility, versatility, and variety to its already impressive advantages. For coffee lovers who have not yet experienced this type of brewer, this handy accessory can provide one more reason to give it a try. Whether consumers opt for the convenient pre-portioned K Cups or choose to use their own coffee or tea with the My K Cup, this brewer delivers a perfect, steaming cup of Joe to savor and enjoy.

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