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Most Popular K Cup Tea Brands

K Cup Tea – If you’re the proud owner of a Keurig K Cup coffee maker then you already understand that this is the most versatile brewer on the market today. Well things just got better. If you and you would like to mix up your daily routine and substitute tea for coffee, then this brewer offers a simple solution. K Cup tea is now available. Weather you would like your tea hot or iced you have a variety to choose from and your destiny is at your finger tips.

There are a plethora of K cup tea brands on the market today. While most of them would satisfy the average tea drinker not all of them are created equal. Here are some suggestions to help you choose the best brands available.

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Celestial Sensations

K Cup Tea
Celestial Sensations was founded in 1969 when a group of young entrepreneurs decided to start a company that would promote a healthy lifestyle with flavorful herbal teas. Celestial Sensations are now offering their teas packaged in the K Cup technology and are available online at the Green Mountain Coffee Website. They offer a broad selection of teas from green teas to an original India spice chai tea. If you would like to try different ones a sampler pack is a available as well. My personal favorites are their ice tea selections they are wonderful!

Gloria Jeans Coffee

Gloria Jeans Coffee offers a variety of  teas that have gained respect as being some of the best. I would recommend any of the varieties they offer. A good place to start is to order their 22 K Cup Tea variety pack. You will receive 5 cups of Mango,  6cups of Peppermint Herbal, 6 cups of Earl Grey, and 5 cups of Serenity Green for $14.95.

Timothys Coffee

If you are looking for a wonderful chai tea try Timothy’s World Coffee. This chai tea is made from a traditional Indian tea with ginger, cardamon, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and other ground spices.  You will experience a  milky, sweet, spicy tea that will definitely warm you on a cold day!

Stay Warm With K Cup Tea

For those cold winter nights and early mornings, or any time you want to add some soothing herbal teas to your K Cups tea selections. You can be assured that these company’s will deliver quality selections and give you something to boast about to your friends. So do not hesitate a moment longer order K Cup Tea today!

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