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Discovering The New Keurig MINI Plus Personal K Cup Coffee Brewer

With the introduction this past year of several new Keurig Brewers and K Cup Coffee products, the Keurig Company is not only producing newer and better machines and drink products, they are seeing a great increase in the purchase of their products. The newest addition to the Keurig family is the Keurig Mini Plus personal brewer, which brings a new compact and simple method to brew your favorite K Cup coffee beverages.

What makes the MINI brewer different than other Keurig Brewers?

There are several features that make the Keurig MINI Plus B31 Personal Brewer an attractive and a well worthy purchase, but before you head out there and purchase just any Keurig Brewer, here are a few things to consider:

1.What specifications do you expect from the brewer?

2.Where will you be utilizing the brewer?

3.Is there adequate counter top space for the brewer?

4.How much usage will the brewer have during the course of a single day?

5.What features are important for you to be satisfied with the brewer?

6.How much are you intending on spending?

If you are perhaps searching for a smaller personal unit for your office or apartment, then you will be completely satisfied with the MINI Personal Brewer. If space and cost is not an issue, may I suggest that you take a look at the other Keurig Models available that offer more sophisticated features. There are three main differences found in the MINI Brewer and these three differences are: Space, Cost and Simplicity.


The Keurig MINI Brewer is the perfect or ideal brewer for those who have a small brewing area or space for the brewer to be placed. Perhaps you need a smaller brewer for your vacation home, college apartment, loft, office desk or other area where space is limited. Although the size of the Personal Brewer is somewhat smaller than the other Keurig Brewers, the taste will not be sacrificed with this compact K Cup Coffee brewer.


One feature that may drive many consumers to the MINI Brewer is the low price listed for this machine. Being that you can purchase this brewer for under one hundred dollars, the K Cup Coffee hot beverage system is now affordable for many potential consumers.


For the user who desires to push the button and go, the MINI Brewer is a great option. With the simple touch of a button, you can be enjoying a great tasting gourmet coffee, tea or hot chocolate in mere minutes. Available in Black, Grey or Red, there is sure to be a color that will match your décor.

If you have come to the conclusion that you are ready to make the purchase of a new Keurig MINI Plus Personal Brewer for your home or office, do not hesitate, but purchase one today. Once you experience the many great tasting hot beverages you are able to enjoy from your Keurig Brewer, you will wonder why you waited so long to buy one. Don’t forget to make your purchase today by clicking the link below.

Keurig Mini Plus Personal Brewer Platinum + K cups Variety Pack

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