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Holiday Shopping For Keurig Coffee Makers and Accessories

Now that the Holiday shopping season has finally begun, the department stores are full of all the items you need and want to purchase this Christmas. I recently took a trip to my local retail department store to check out the Keurig Coffee Makers selection. To my surprise, I was quite impressed with how well the store displayed the K Cup Coffee Accessories.

The middle aisle of any store is the best place to advertise any product that the store would like to sell. Setting the items out for the customer to see as they are walking around the store gives the item a larger chance to be seen and purchased. The store that I visited had several stacks of the Special Edition Keurig K Cup Coffee Brewers beautifully stacked for anyone who while walking by would have to take notice of these single cup coffee brewers. A large display not only catches the attention of those walking past, but it also makes the shopper more aware of new and exciting items out on the market. The holiday display at the local Kohls department store that I visited, displayed the Keurig Products in a manner that caught my attention enticing me to purchase the products.

Directly across the large stacked boxes of Keurig Coffee Makers, was an awesome line up of several different types of Keurig coffee brewers, such as the Keurig Elite Brewing System, Keurig Platinum Brewing System displayed in several different colors. Each was on sale, wrapped with red ribbon and just waiting for you to purchase! The wonderful thing I noticed was that the department store had each Keurig model on display so that the customer could see, touch, and get a better idea of the machine before purchasing the item. This store believes in the concept that products that are removed from the package and placed on display are purchased more than those items that are kept in a box or package.

All of the items you need to make your coffee brewing experience more enjoyable were found behind the brewer display. Hundreds of K Cup Coffees, K Cup Teas, and K Cup Hot Chocolates were neatly stacked and displayed so that the customer could choose quickly and efficiently.

One item that I found to be a worthy purchase, are the Keurig Water Filter Cartridges. Anyone who drinks coffee on a regular basis knows that quality water is important for great tasting coffee beverages. The water coming from your sink may be filled with too many minerals that can cause your coffee to taste awful. Purchasing bottled water from the store in not convenient either. However, filtering your tap water directly through the Keurig Brewer makes coffee brewing even more enjoyable. The water filter kit will cost you just under $20, and a years supply of filters are about $25.

While you are out shopping for your friends and family this Holiday Season, do not forget that the Keurig Coffee Maker is the gift that keeps on giving all through out the year. You can count on a good K Cup Coffee to brighten your day 365 days a year. Pick up yours today while they are on sale!

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