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Choosing A K Cup Variety Pack

There are several great reasons to purchase a K Cup Variety Pack. If you have not yet sampled a variety of different coffees, then a variety pack can help you narrow down when choosing the coffee you prefer. Determining the best K Cup to buy will not only save you money, limit waste and save you time, it is a great way to sample different coffees you would not normally purchase.

How Many K Cups Does a Variety Pack Contain?

Depending upon the coffee supplier you choose, the number of K-Cups the pack will contain will vary. You can purchase an 18 count Variety Pack or if you are really serious about coffee there is a 60 count Variety Pack available. The K Cups Variety Packs differ from each coffee manufacture. Larger variety packs of 72 or 96 are being purchased and advertised more than before, due to the increasing amount of consumers who are catching onto the Keurig Coffee Maker Craze. You will also find that these variety packs offer the K Cups best price as well.

Gloria Jeans K Cup Variety Pack

GJVPGloria Jeans flavored coffee variety pack includes 5 French Vanilla Supreme, 5 Butter Toffee, 5 Mudslide, and 5 Swiss Chocolate Almond. Gloria Jeans K Cup variety pack of 25 contains French Vanilla Supreme, Hazelnut, Butter Toffee, Cappuccino, and Swiss Chocolate Almond.

The Coffee People K Cup Variety Pack

The Coffee People extra bold variety pack has a total of 48 extra bold K-Cup Coffees. These coffees are consider to be the All-American coffees roasted at a medium level containing sweet and full bodied flavors. The Extra Bold is an added amount of ground coffee added to the K Cup to give you about 20% more coffee than the average K Cup.

Timothy’s K Cup Variety Pack

This Variety Pack Coffee contains K Cups Tea as well. Within this box there are a variety of 44 coffee and tea items. There are two of each of the following: Extra Bold Parisian Nights, Kona Blend, Breakfast Blend, Fair Trade Columbian Dorado, Italian Blend, Decaf Columbian, and Hazelnut. In addition there are one of each of the following: Extra Bold Rainforest, Espresso Extra Bold, Sumatran Gold Mexican Organic, French Vanilla, English Breakfast, Tea Chai, Tea Green, and Tea Canarino.

The K Cups Variety Packs are not only perfect for Holiday Parties, Wedding Showers, Baby Showers and Birthday Parties; they are perfect for those days when you want to try something different. If you have a variety of K Cup coffee available for those days when the usual cup of Joe just does not fill the coffee hankering, you will be glad you made the K Cup Variety Pack purchase.

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