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K Cup Coffee Review #3

For all of the followers of K Cup Coffee info I have decided on a new format for the coffee reviews that I have been doing. I will try to write at least two K Cup reviews a month(down the road we might change this, since nothing is set in stone as of right now). Each review will be an informal type of review that consist of two to five coffees. I thought of making the reviews formal but decided against it, as I want the reviews to beneficial for the everyday coffee drinker. If you have any suggestions for this site feel free to leave a comment and I will see what I can do to accommodate your requests. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, lets move on to what coffee I have been drinking lately. Over the last few days I have been enjoying my morning k cups fix,  from Tully’s Coffee.  I picked coffees from similar origins and the results were surprisingly different. Hope you enjoy!

Tully’s Coffee

Having the privilege of growing up in the northwest one of my favorite cities for drinking coffee, has always been Seattle. I have visited numerous coffee shops in Seattle and have found many I enjoy and frequent as often as I can. One that I have tried on more than one occasion is Tully’s Coffee. Tully’s Coffee opened their first store in 1992 in the Seattle area and have been roasting great coffee ever since. They are small batch roaster of specialty coffee and take pride in their Seattle coffee heritage. Tully’s has always been obsessed with uncovering the true potential in each and every coffee that they roast. Just recently I received the opportunity to try out some of their K- Cup Coffee. Here are some notes of the coffees I was able to taste.

Tully’s Breakfast Blend

The origins of this coffee comes from the countries of Colombia and Uganda. Upon the first taste of this coffee I experienced a rush of floral and light sweet undertones tones. I felt this coffee faded a little in the finish, but overall was a pleasant cup. I would definitely not have a problem starting my morning out with this coffee.

Tully’s Madison Blend

This blend of coffee is made up of coffee from the regions of Colombia, Uganda, and Guatemala. This is an uniquely balanced cup that is deep and rich in taste. This a bold coffee with a great mouth feel and a lingering after taste that made me want a second cup.

Tully’s French Roast

The underlying common coffee in this review was Ugandan, and this blend is no different. The regions that the beans originate from in this blend are Uganda and Guatemala. This coffee is roasted at a french roast level and is bold bold bold! From the first sip you can detect a smokey taste that is very intense and lingers a long time. The most amazing characteristic about this coffee is it has a silky finish that is very pleasant. For all you dark roast lovers this k cup coffee is for you!

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