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Benefits of A K Cup Rack

You may have just purchased a new Keurig K Cup Coffee Maker and you are in dire need for some type of storage or rack to display your K Cup Coffees. Or maybe you have just realized that your system for finding your coffee in the morning is leading to frustrations that you do not care to deal with in the early morning. A new item available on the market that will solve your delima is the K Cup Rack. You will find that the benefits of this organization system item are many.

K Cups Rack Specifics

Believe it or not, this display rack is really inexpensive for the service it offers you. This chrome wire rack is approximately $25 at most online stores. The rack sits 10” High by 8” in diameter, weighing two pounds and KRdisplaying up to 27 of your favorite K Cup Coffees. Not only does the rack display the KCups in a fashionable manner, it will allow your guests or friends to be able to choose the coffee, tea or hot cocoa easily without having to rummage thru a box or spreading them all out on top of your kitchen counter. The rack fits nicely next to your Keurig K Cup Coffee Brewer on top of your counter. Made of a sleek and trendy design, the rotating feature this Lazy Susan has to offer makes it even easier to select the drink you prefer and is attractive as well.

K Cup Rack For Pack Boxes

Now that many offices and hotels are using the Keurig K Cup Coffee Brewer for their coffee service, this handy rack is a great way to display the coffees in the boxes without having to refill small racks or the K Cup carousel. The K Cup Rack for four 25 pack boxes can be found at several online stores for just about $55-65. There are two options to choose from; a wire rack or sturdy solid plastic display each offering the same solution. These racks are perfect for a large meeting or party where refilling the coffees in a small box or rack is not at all practical. The K Cup Rack for eight 25 pack boxes holds double the amount of K Cup Coffees. This rack is somewhat more expensive and runs about $65-75 and is available in the same wire or plastic model as mentioned previously.

Whether you are searching for a K Cup Rack for your home, office, hotel, or party, there is a rack to fit the needs you have for your system. Before you make your finial purchase check with several online retailers for specials they may offer. Some stores offer a free K Cup Display Rack with the purchase of a Keurig K Cup Coffee Maker. So do your homework before you make your final purchase to ensure you find the best deal on the market.

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