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The Benefits Of A K Cup Filter

KFOwning a K Cup Coffee Maker is no doubt one of the greatest pleasures life has to offer. This machine is convenient, consistent and produces a great cup of coffee with out the mess that a traditional coffee maker produces. Coffee is not only a part of our social being; it is a daily routine that some of us require to enable us to function through out the day. If you are currently the owner of one of these fabulous machines or if you are just beginning to learn about the specifics of this brewer, then continue reading for some valuable information regarding the K Cup Filter or the My K Cup Reusable Coffee Filter.

The K Cup Filter is specifically designed to work in the same manner and produce similar results as the k cup portion pack. The k cup reusable coffee filter fits most Keurig Coffee Makers, but be sure to check and see if your model will work with the k cup filter basket. Using this filter will allow you to prepare your personal favorite or locally roasted coffee in your K Cup Maker, instead of using the k cup portion packs. Made of quality materials, this is one k cup coffee accessory you will need at some point during the use of your k cup brewer. You can easily purchase one online for as little as $9, making this an affordable investment.

There are some instances that using the My Cup Filter can be extremely handy. For example if you have been given a bag of coffee as a gift and you would like to drink it, the reusable My K Cup Filter when used in conjunction with the Keurig Brewer will allow you to brew your self a cup of coffee. Better yet, if you are like many who are struggling with your finances, purchasing coffee in bulk and using the K Cup Filter can save you quite a bit of money in comparison to purchasing the k cup portion packets. This reason alone is a perfect excuse to purchase your self a k cup reusable coffee filter basket.

Another benefit that this useful device has to offer is the fact that there is no waste other than the self decomposing coffee grounds. If you are one who is concerned about our current landfill situation, there is absolutely no waste attained with the use of the k cup filter. Using the My K Cup Coffee filter in conjunction with a certified rainforest or fair trade coffee, will allow you to be an official eco friendly and environmentally conscious coffee drinker as well.

The My K-Cup reusable coffee filter is a simple three-part contraption consisting of a mini gold filter basket, filter holder and lid. The filter basket fits directly into the filter holder and the lid then fits tightly over the holder. The filter holder is designed to fit directly into the removable assembly in the Keurig brewer where the disposable K-Cups would be placed. It simply pops right in and pops right out, extremely easy to use.

Preparing your cup of coffee with the k cup filter can be accomplished within just a few simple steps. First you need to grind the correct amount of coffee needed for a single cup which is approximately 10 grams or near 2 tablespoons, grinding the coffee finer than you would for a traditional drip brewer. Insert the coffee into the my k cup filter basket making sure you do overfill the cup.  Next place the filter into the filter holder and close the lid tightly. Place the k cup filter into the assembly and press the brew button. Making a cup of coffee with the reusable k cup filter is not only easy, but it produces a great tasting cup of coffee.

There are several reasons the k cup filter is to be considered an item of interest if you own a Keurig K Cup Coffee Maker. The My K Cup saves you money, is inexpensive, allows you to drink the coffee of your choosing and the impact you make on the environment by not creating waste is very desirable. Buy one today and make a statement with your k cup filter.

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