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K Cup Coffee Review #4

There are some things in life that are crucial to everyday functionality, my K cup coffee maker being one of them. Over the weekend I was camping in the great outdoors and realized how much I missed my home Kuerig Breville K-Cup Coffee brewer. Now don’t get me wrong I still had some good coffee made from my french press coffee maker, but there is nothing like the simplicity of the Breville. When I arrived home from rolling in the dirt for four days I was ecstatic to see a UPS package on my door step. This packaged contained my latest order of K Cups coffee from Caribou, and quickly found out I was in for a treat.

Caribou Coffee -
As I have stated before Caribou Coffee has become one of the leaders in the coffee industry today, and rightfully so! Their coffee painstakingly selected and come from some of the finest Arabica Beans on the planet. Their dedication to sourcing quality coffees is evident in each and every cup that you will partake of. In the latest K cup Coffee Info review I had a chance to try a couple different Caribou coffees, and I have listed my results below.

Daybreak Morning Blend

This is a light roasted coffee blend of coffees from four different orgins. This blend consists of beans from Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Ethopia and in such away that brings loads of flavor to your cup.

Courtesy Of:Annia316

Courtesy Of:Annia316

Upon tasting this coffee I experienced hints of fruit and nuts with a sweet caramel finish. If you like a light roasted coffee this is one on those coffees that needs to be enjoyed and not rushed. This coffee is perfect for those lazy Saturday mornings reading the morning paper.

Caribou Blend

Caribou Coffee’s K-Cup signature blend definitely does not disapoint. If you are looking for a coffee to enjoy all day long, this coffee is worth trying. This blend consists of coffee’s from Central and South America paired with a Indonesian bean. I found this cup to be very well balanced with hints of  fruit, big body, with clean syrupy taste that lingers on your tongue. Well balanced is the perfect descriptor for this coffee.

I hope this K Cup review was informative and gives you a couple of new coffees to try. Until next time brew on!

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