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K Cup Coffee Review #2

Over the weekend I had a chance to try out several new K Cups that I received in the mail. It doesnt get much better than a weekend full of drinking coffee. For those of you that are an coffee addict like me you definitely understand. Here are some general cupping notes from my experiences using keurig coffee makers this weekend. I hope that the k cup reviews are beneficial in helping you make the right decision next time you purchase coffee.

Van Houtee Coffee

Van Houtee coffee began in Montreal Canada in the year 1919. Today it is one of the leading roasters in Canada using the traditional European small batch roasting methods. Van Houtte coffee is one of the newest roasters to package coffee using the K Cup coffee system, and they offer a  small selection of single origins and blends. Here are a couple that I have had a chance to review so far.

Sumatra Mandheling- This  is a exotic  dark roasted coffee with loads of body that is very distinctive of coffees from the Sumatra region.. Upon tasting you could taste earthiness, hints of dark chocolate, and a tangy finish. It  had a unique acidity present, but was naturally sweet and pleasant nevertheless. I would highly recommend this coffee anyone who is looking for that bold flavor coffee without the bitterness. Another plus is this coffee is still reasonably priced at $13.45 for a 24pak.

House Blend- Van Houtee’s House Blend  is a medium roasted coffee that is well balanced. This k cup coffee is smooth tasting with a woody flavor and pleasant aroma. Definitely nothing exotic about this coffee, just a smooth and well balanced cup.

Green Mountain Coffee

Green Mountain Coffee was started in 1981 in a town called Waitsfield Vermont. From their humble beginnings their focus has been on quality coffee and it still is today. Over the course of the last  28 years they have transformed into one of the leading specialty coffee company’s in America and continue to grow at a rapid pace.

Vermont Country Blend- From the very first sip you could taste this blends complexity. I would consider this k cup coffee to be extremely well balanced with a great mouth feel. This blend consists of light and dark roasted coffees that adds to the many complex layers of  this cup. If your tired of plain ole coffee this might be the cup for you. This blend is smooth, rich and sweet all at the same time. And to top it off it has a pleasant lingering aftertaste that will make you wanting another sip.

I hope you enjoyed the K Cup reviews, until next time. Brew on!

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