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The Truth About K Cup Coffee Pods

Due to the recent Holliday season we have noticed a peaked interest in the Keurig K Cup coffee maker beverage system. We often receive comments from people scouring the internet searching for K Cup coffee pods, when in fact K Cups are not coffee pods at all. We thought it would be helpful if we explained the difference between the two to give our readers a better understanding of the K Cup technology.

What Is A Coffee Pod?

Coffee pods were originally designed for the Senseo Coffee Brewing system and are very different from a K Cup. Senseo Coffee pods are simply pre-meassured ground coffee that is then wrapped inside it’s own filter forming a pod. This concept in many ways is similar to a tea bag. The pods come in different sizes allowing you to control the strength of the coffee. If you like your coffee stronger you would choose the larger pod as it is filled with more coffee. The disadvantage of this system is the coffee only as fresh as when it was ground.

What Is A K Cup?

K Cups have been around for several years now and are increasingly becoming more and more popular every day. If you have never experienced coffee brewed through a K Cup then lets take a moment to explain what makes a K Cup so unique. A K Cup is actually a small plastic container designed for the Keurig coffee brewing system that contains pre measured ground coffee as well as a small coffee filter. At first glance the K Cup looks very simple but in reality is very complex in design. Inside this plastic K-Cup container, there are several layers that assist in the coffee brewing process. The first layer is a oxygen, light, and humidity barrier that wraps the inside wall of the container. This layer plays a vital role in ensuring that your coffee remains fresh. The next layer consists of a small sophisticated coffee filter. This filter is more complex than a normal coffee filter as it helps control the water pressure, water flow, as well as extraction time. Next premeasured freshly ground coffee is inserted into the container. The coffee is ground to a precise coarseness and is tightly packed into the K Cup ensuring that your coffee is brewed to perfection. The top of the container is then sealed with a foil lid that is airtight. This is crucial to ensuring that the coffee remains fresh as well as the flavor of the coffee is not lost. Please feel free to browse the rest of our site and find the K Cups best price!

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