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What You Should Know About A K Cup Brewer

You will find that there are many ways to brew a cup of coffee but if you are looking for a quality cup of Joe. We have found the K Cup brewer to be our brewing method of choice. This single cup brewer takes the guess work out of trying to achieve coffee brewing perfection and allows you to produce a quality cup each and every time.

The Keurig company is the manufacture of the K Cup brewers and their innovative technology has begun to sweep the nation. Their machines use patented K Cup technology that is able to produce a single cup of coffee within 30-60 seconds depending on the brew size.

If you are not familiar with this technology you might be asking what is a K Cup. A K Cup is simply a small complex plastic container that contains a humidity barrier, a coffee filter, and fresh ground coffee. It is then sealed with an airtight foil lid to lock in the flavor and freshness.  This patented technology ensures that the coffee will maintain its freshness for up to 6 months after the coffee roast date.

MKThe way that the K Cup coffee brewer works is you insert the plastic K-Cup into the machine and select your brew strength. The machine then pierces the foil lid on top of the K Cup while additionally puncturing the bottom. It the sprays the coffee grounds with 192 degrees Fahrenheit pressurized water. Thus forcing the water through the grounds and into your awaiting coffee cup creating a perfect brew.

The beauty of this machine is there is no more wasted pots of coffee since you are able to brew one cup at a time. No more messy grounds or coffee filters to deal with. You can also please your guest by offering them a selection of coffees to choose from.

Another great feature we have found to be available on most Keurig models, as well as the Breville K Cup brewer, is the  ability to control the brew size or brew strength. This allows you to control how strong you like your coffee to taste. If you like your coffee bolder, set the brew strength to a smaller size cup and you will achieve the results you are looking for. If you like your coffee weaker choose a larger brew size, its that simple.

As you can see the K Cup brewer is different from coffee brewers that we all grew up. We recommend that you embrace this new technology and order a Keurig brewer online today.  If you do you will find yourself enjoying quality coffee for years to come.

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