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How to Select Coffee K Cups Like A Coffee Connoisseur

GKIf you are trying to select the coffee K Cups that you would find desirable, then here is how you can save a lot of headache and money during the K Cups Coffee selection process. One of the most important points you need to consider when purchasing K Cups is the roast level of the coffee. By understanding what to look for in a coffee you will save time and money and be able to choose a K Cup coffee that you will like.

One of the most common misunderstandings people have when purchasing cheap  coffee K Cups online is they do not understand coffee roast levels. More specifically they do not know what type of roast level they prefer as a coffee drinker. To keep things simple lets  break the roast levels down into four selections, Light Roast, Medium Roast, Dark Roast, French Roast and we will discuss the characteristics of each level.

Light Roast- Lighter roasted coffees typically are brighter, lighter in body, higher in acidity and often times have no obvious deep roast flavors. With a lighter roasted coffee you will often times detect dried fruit, black current, tangerine, and other fruit notes. The taste can vary depending on the origin of the coffee.

Medium Roast- The characteristics of  a medium roasted coffee typically produce a more balanced cup. Medium roasted K Cup coffees are often more balanced in body, acidity, aroma, sweetness in taste and are more complex than a lighter roasted coffees.

Dark Roast- Dark roasted coffees trade complexity for a heavier body and or mouth feel. You  also notice that with coffee K Cups that are roasted dark typically explode with fantastic aromas, hints a spiciness and loads flavor.

French Roast- By choosing French roasted K-Cup coffee you will often times notice a smokier taste profile due to the length of time the coffee was roasted being longer. A good roast master can deliver this smokey sweet taste without making the coffee taste bitter. The characteristics of a french roast are light bodied, with bold intensity. You definitely will not find fruit notes in a coffee roasted at this level.

Now that you know a little have a little better understanding of coffee roast profiles you need to decide what roast profile you prefer. Once you know what type of roast profile you prefer, then the task of purchasing coffee online will be much easier. Most K Cup manufactures will list the roast level in the description of  the particular blend or single origin coffee in question. So next next time you purchase coffee K Cups online put this information use and choose Kcups that you will be pleased with.

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