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Enjoying English Breakfast K Cups Tea

Searching for the best K Cup Coffee and K Cups Tea may seem bothersome at times. Finding the coffee and tea products you, your family or office staff enjoys may take time sifting through the various K Cup products and product manufactures.

We recently had the privilege of sampling the English Breakfast K Cups Tea from Celestial Seasonings. Even though we are primarily a coffee drinkers, we do prefer drinking tea during the different seasons and evenings. The English Breakfast Tea by Celestial Seasonings was perfect after eating dinner. Wanting something lighter than coffee but with a caffeine kick, the tea really hit the spot. Although we added a bit of honey in the tea, we really do not think that it needed to be sweetened at all. Brewed directly from the Keurig K Cup Coffee Maker, our tea was prepared within just moments without the mess of the traditional tea bag and spoon we would normally use.

The English Breakfast has always been a basic tea or a tea that has been well known and used in North America. Originating from the British who had first landed in America English Breakfast is made of black tea and is described as being full bodied, rich and robust. When blended with milk and sugar, this style is associated with the Full English Breakfast, the most common type of tea consumed in the United Kingdom. Most every tea manufacture has their own version of an “English Breakfast” and may not include the same black teas as another company. The most common black teas used in this blend are Assam, Ceylon, Kenyan and Keemun in the more expensive blends.

The English Breakfast K Cups Tea is just one of the many teas available to be used with the Keurig Coffee Brewer. Celestial Seasonings has a large assortment of K Cups and tea products just waiting for you to try. Be sure you take full advantage of the products that are available to be used in conjunction with this convenient and unique machine. Why not try a cup of tea tonight!

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