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Donut Shop K Cups: A Classic American Cup


Being coffee addicts, we are always looking for new K Cup coffees to try. While that in itself is not a bad thing, we find ourselves often times overlooking coffees that we have enjoyed in the past. Recently we took some time to revisit coffee K Cups that we haven’t had a chance to taste for quite some time. Well we were not disappointed! One coffee in particular that really stood out was the Donut Shop K Cups coffee roasted by the Coffee People. This coffee is definitely worth giving a try, and we thought it would be a good idea to share our review with our readers. Hope you enjoy!


The aroma of this K Cup coffee is very mild and pleasant. Although not very pronounced we detected a sweet toasty aroma.


Medium body with a silky mouth feel that lingers across your palate. You will taste this coffee on your palate hours later.


In the cup we detected a clean roast that was rich with complicated nutty notes and hints of floral and chocolate. This is coffee that tastes good anytime of day. Although we prefer our coffee black we tasted this coffee with cream as well and were please with the results. We found that it holds up well and even gives the cup a milk chocolate flavor that you are sure to enjoy.


The acidity of this coffee is very mild with a sweet tangy feel on your tongue. For the coffee drinker that doesn’t like a lot of acidity in their cup this coffee is an excellent choice.

To put it simply the Donut Shop Coffee K Cups would best be described as the classic American cup. We could not find anything negative say about this brew as we enjoyed this coffee immensely and it had us longing for that second cup. So if you are looking for an all around coffee that has a great flavor, or a coffee that you would enjoy drinking anytime of the day, then give the Donut Shop K Cups a try. If you would like to order yours today Click Here!

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