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Apart From The Rest Stands The Caribou K Cups

If you are a coffee lover and have not had the chance to try  Caribou K Cups, then you owe it to yourself to give them a try. Whether you like a dark, medium, or light roast or whether you prefer a  single origin or a complex blend, Caribou has a nice selection of K Cup coffees to choose from. In this article we will take the time to share which coffees we have found to be our favorite Caribou Coffee K Cups.

What special qualities determine one product to rise above another or to be set apart from another? Caribou Coffee began in 1992 with the statement, “that if passion, hard work and excellence go into an endeavor, the Caribou K Cupsoutcome will be a quality experience and therefore rewarding”.

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Since then Caribou K Cups have become another quality product the Caribou Coffee Company takes pride in. Currently there are six varieties of K Cup Coffees offered by the Caribou Coffee Company for the consumer to purchase.  If you are new to the K Cup world, I would like to suggest that you give the Caribou K Cups a try. Here are the coffees available:

DayBreak Morning Blend

This blend of coffee of Costa Rican, Guatemalan, Colombian and Ethiopian beans are roasted at a lighter level for that morning energizing start you need to begin your day. Through out the course of this drink are quiet sweet notes along with nut and fruit hits after each sip. Perfectly named, “DayBreak” for those who begin their mornings early and need that extra boost of caffeine.

Colombia Single Origin

This K Cup from the country of Colombia is full of sweet caramel flavors combined with a floral and nut nuance. If you are familiar with a Colombia roasted coffee than you will be quite please with the flavor you will experience from this K Cup Coffee. This is one of our favorite Caribou K Cups!

Caribou Blend

This signature blended coffee is balanced with a big body feel along with syrup attributes that give this coffee a clean and fresh finish. Made up of Indonesian, Central American and South American varieties, the Caribou Blend is a coffee that will keep you coming back for more.

Caribou Blend Decaf

Possessing all the flavors you would expect from a great Caribou K Cups Blend with out the caffeine, this decaffeinated coffee has much to be desired. Containing Indonesian, Central American and South American beans, this coffee is vibrant with flavor.


This single origin coffee is grown in northern Sumatra and has been roasted to complete perfection by the Caribou Coffee Company. Tasting like a decadent creamy butterscotch dessert, the Sumatra K Cup is alive with intense flavors.

Mahogany Blend

This dark brew is a blend of Sumatra, Guatemala and El Salvador coffees roasted for a longer period resulting in a bold woody flavor. This perfectly balanced blend has hints of vanilla along with light floral notes making this blend complex but loaded with a mixed variety of flavors.

French Roast

This true French Roast K Cup is a dark roasted blend of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia and New Guinea beans combined to create a decadent bittersweet taste. This is one K Cup that all French Roast connoisseurs will enjoy.

Go Ahead And Give Caribou K Cups A Try Today

Hands down, the Caribou K Cup has many attributes that are to be desired from all those who enjoy a great tasting cup of coffee. If you have not given this coffee manufacture a try, let me suggest that you do so and you too will be enjoying the many various Caribou K Cups that this company has to offer.

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